A Beginning is a Very Delicate Thing

Hi, I'm Michael and this is my blog about roleplaying games. You may know me already from Google Plus, the RPGTalk slack group, or my old tumblr. If you don't, here's what you can expect to find going forward:

  • Posts about RPGs, mostly Story Games and OSR games
  • Actual Play Reports from my games
  • Discussion about design, development, and (self-) publishing of RPGs
  • Links to and thoughts on other folks' posts
  • Notices about interesting Kickstarters and other new releases
  • Reviews every now and anon 
  • Heads up on enticing deals and/or bundles
  • Occasional invitations to online games
  • Perhaps an interview or two
  • RPG content that I create, once in a great George R. R. Martinesque while
  • Positivity, optimism, and inclusivity

Hope you enjoy, and hope to see you around!