Pacific Rim: Iron & Blood (Prime Time Adventures) - Episode 1, Part 1

Last night we started the first Pacific Rim episode, after finishing up the basic concepts for everyone's Jaegers.

Spectre Echo (piloted by Ajay Achara and Zahir Jarral) - A stealth Jaeger designed to sneak up on Kaiju and take them out in one quick blast.

Hatsune Nova (piloted by Amanda and Mary Barron) - A blue, boxy Jaeger with energy crackling among what appear to be dreadlocks.

Crimson Prophet (piloted by Jebidiah Yoder and Killian Claymore) - A mech whose limbs can split apart, forming other weapon combinations.

And a couple NPC jaegers:

Banshee Zero (piloted by Ngam and Ramphoie Chanmook) - A light mech that can quickly transform into a gigantic fighter-jet, Macross-style.

Fiasco Cortex (piloted by Yangchen Lhamu, Rinzen Choden, Sangmu Pemba, and Nima Calden) - A quadropedal heavy battleship Jaeger, piloted by the members of a group marriage.

We were able to play through three scenes:

Scene 1 (created by me) - Grand Marshal Mako Mori arrives at the Shatterdome, with a red envelope that she implies has come from X-Source. (X-source is an unknown informant that seems to be able to predict coming Kaiju attacks with high accuracy). She needs to send a Jaeger team to guard the city. Who should she choose?

Mandy tries her best not to be noticed. Ajay and Killian compete to volunteer, arguing as to why they should be the ones to go. 

The Cards: Mandy wins everything she wants, and thus does not have to go. Ajay loses the draw and also loses his cool, shouting and storming out of LOCCENT. Killian gets the mission, without even giving in to his impulse. A quick suit-up montage, and Crimson Prophet enters the Breach.

Scene 2 (created by Joe) - Mandy and Mary are undergoing Neural Bridge training, as their drift connection has been unstable lately. However, both of them are trying to compartmentalize and close off parts of their emotional and mental state, holding back thoughts and memories, which makes the connection more difficult to maintain. Mandy is searching for a way to get back at her sister for dragging her into the Jaeger program.

The Cards: A split. In the end, a stalemate: they both offer so little to each other that the neural bridge dissolves. Mourning the lack of connection, Mary claims that she hoped that bringing them here to fight together would help them to regain the connection they used to have as children. This gives Mandy pause, but she can't tell if Mary is sincere or not.

Scene 3 (created by Bekka) - Ajay, fuming from his argument in LOCCENT, takes out his stress in the Kwoon Fight Room with Zahir, fighting hand to hand. Is there an underlying attraction between the two of them? It's hard to tell, but what's really at stake for the moment is Ajay's feelings about skipped over for the mission. In the background, Mandy takes a beating from the Fightmaster.

The Cards: Another split. The effort does finally calm Ajay down, but leaves him feeling empty, embarrassed, and ashamed of himself. Mandy comes over and strikes up a conversation; Ajay agrees to teach her how to fight better.

We had to stop there. Next session: June 5.