Agendas of Powered by the Apocalypse Games

I decided to jot down the MC Agendas (or equivalents) of all the PbtA games I could get my hands on easily. Here they are.

Apocalypse World
Make Apocalypse World seem real
Make the players' characters' lives not boring
Play to find out what happens

Dungeon World
Portray a fantastic world
Fill the characters' lives with adventure
Play to find out what happens

Make each main character's life not boring
Keep the story feral
Say what the rules demand
Say what honesty demands

Monster of the Week
Make the world seem real
Play to find out what happens
Make the hunters' lives dangerous and scary

Make tremulus real
Make the characters' lives interesting
Play to find out what happens

Saga of the Icelanders
Paint a believable picture of saga-period Iceland
Make the player characters' circumstances worthy of a saga
Play to find out what happens

Night Witches
Bring the war to life
Put them in the middle of the grind
Seek out their stories
Play to find out what happens

The Warren
Portray a naturalistic world
Ensure the characters live in exciting times
Play to find out

Urban Shadows
Make the city feel political and dark
Keep the characters' lives out of control and evolving
Play to find out what happens

Worlds in Peril
Portray a comic book world
Fill the characters' lives with action & adventure
Play to find out what happens
Push the players to tell their stories too

Make Halcyon City feel like a comic book
Make the player characters' lives superheroic
Play to find out what happens

Uncharted Worlds
Embrace the deadly beauty of the galaxy
Paint in primary colors
Speak the truth
Address the characters directly
Be a fan of the characters
Prompt the characters to shape reality
Follow the Rule of Cool

Follow the PCs' lead
Provide external pressures
Provide continuity
Ask insightful questions
Provide colorful descriptions

Create opportunities to do good
Play to find out what happens
Further agenda (Ultimate Power, Watch the World Burn, or World is Mine)

Tear the illusion and reveal the true reality behind
Keep the player characters on edge: allow them a few moments of respite
Let the player characters' actions make an impact, regardless of consequences

World Wide Wrestling
Challenge and celebrate the wrestlers
Make it look like you had it planned that way all along
Entertain the imaginary viewing audience

Titan World
Show the best and worst of the world
Raise the stakes constantly
Play to find out what happens

City of Judas
Make the world cold and sharp
Make the characters important
Follow the story, don't drive it
Stick to your principles. Remember to say:
*What the Iron Principles demand
*What the rules demand
*What the fiction demands
*What honesty demands
Catch your breath

The Sprawl
Make The Sprawl dirty, high-tech, and excessive
Fill the characters' lives with action, intrigue, and complication
Entangle the characters in the Sprawl
Play to find out what happens

A few thoughts:
1. I was surprised, actually, by the uniformity of the list. The community has not decided to diverge terribly wildly from Vincent's original set. Partially, perhaps, it's because the reason they're drawn to make a PbtA game is because Apocalypse World's ruleset worked well for them? Or maybe the AW agenda is just pretty basic "best practices" for MCs, GMs, and Refs?

2. tremulus just isn't trying at all. "Make the characters' lives interesting"?  That's the ultimate strategy for your lovecraftian horror game? Compare with Kult's "Keep the players' characters on edge; allow them a few moments of respite"

3. Titan World, on the other hand, for a small noncommercial hack (based on Attack on Titan), is doing some interesting stuff. I really like "Raise the stakes constantly", and it's a great match for the anime.

4. Uncharted Worlds has "principles", which sort of mix the AW agenda and principles together. UW has often struck me as a bit too broad and unfocused, and I wonder if this lack of separation is related -- symptomatic of that lack of focus, perhaps.

5. Some of the other PbtA games (such as Murderous Ghosts, The Sundered Lands, and Wolfspell) didn't really have Agendas listed at all. Murderous Ghosts and The Sundered Lands in particular are really quite weird; if they weren't written by Vincent, I wonder how many people would agree with the PbtA label? 

6. "Play to find out what happens" is almost ubiquitous. How integral is it to the PbtA experience? How best to experiment with this part of the agenda? What alternatives could be used instead that would still allow for a successful game?

7. World Wide Wrestling's may be my favorite agenda list. While it's certainly based on the AW list, it changes and plays with it and adapts it perfectly to WWW's genre and goals. 

8. Obviously, the above is not an exhaustive list. Feel free and list agendas from other PbtA games below! I'd like to see other ways that people are playing with the formet.